“This was my first experience going to Puerto Vallarta, and I went to the web to see what there is to do there. After quite a bit of reading I came to the conclusion that renting a yacht may be the way to go. My friends all agreed, and so I began the long search for a reputable company. I ended up with Puerto Vallarta Yachts for more than one reason, however I needed to make sure so I messaged and called a significant number of other companies most of which didn’t get back with me. After just a couple of minutes of speaking with Puerto Vallarta Yachts, I felt completely comfortable. My group booked a trip, and it was so much more than we expected. See you guys next year.”

- Jimmy

“Okay, it was mine and my wife’s 40th anniversary, and I had no idea what to do. We were packing our bags for Puerto Vallarta, and I called my hotel for recommendations. They scanned your brochure and sent it to me via email. Thirty minutes later I booked a trip on one of your amazing yachts. Eight of our friends surprised us and showed up in Puerto Vallarta for our anniversary. When I explained to your customer service person what had happened, they instantly added my guest to the charter at no additional cost. I only wished that I had booked my time on the yacht for eight hours instead of four. Thank you once more.”

- Tom.

“We haven't generally had good luck when doing activities in Puerto Vallarta because there is usually a bit of confusion surrounding our request. I was impressed with the level of professionalism when dealing with your staff initially because there was a long list of requirements from my company. I handle the greater part of the events for our organization, and it is important that I am particular. Your staff took it all in stride as they made several changes to the manifest and food requests. Much to my surprise, everything was just as they promised, and the complimentary dessert was dreamy! We hope to do it again soon.”

- Ivone.

“Your charter specialist and crew made our first long term charter, super easy to plan. I appreciate your flexibility with our last minute itinerary changes. I will be chartering with your company again."

- Natalie S.

“We initially didn't book our Bachelorette gathering with Puerto Vallarta Yachts which was a major mistake. We were on the verge of not having a party at all when the host at our hotel recommended you guys. To our surprise, you even arranged for a car service to pick us up at our hotel the following day. It was a great time, and I have you to thank for it.”

- Priscila,

“We have used your service before in Cancun and I was surprised to see you were also here in Puerto Vallarta. I am happy to say that your service is every bit as good here as it is there. One year from now we are going to attempt Cabo, and my wife and I will make certain to utilize your company there also. All the best,”

- Jose ,

“My friends and I like to fish, but we are not fans of those boats that pack people in. Puerto Vallarta Yachts was able to set my friends and I up with a nice boat that was for fishing and luxury. We ate well and caught a lot of fish. It just doesn’t get much better than that does it.”

- Michael,

“You all are mind blowing. A gathering of us were in Puerto Vallarta for an entire week and searching for things to do when our driver recommended chartering a vessel with you folks. We truly had no clue what's in store and I can only say that it was well worth our time! The music, great food at Playa De Las Animas, snorkeling Playa De Los Arcos all in one day is more than any of us ever anticipated. We slept very well when it was over. Best to you guys.”

- Mark,

“I don't know how the crew was able to do so much in so little time, yet you did. You figured out how to pick up the greater part of our family and get us out on the water on time. It has been a long while since we were all together on the grounds that we are all spread out over Mexico now. Thank you for making sure all of us made it back to our hotels safely because some of us may of drank a little too much. Gracias,”

- Alejandro,

“The yacht for our wedding was enormous. I honestly thought that it wasn’t going to be big enough for the family and friends but your staff managed to pull it off. The band was great. The decorations were flawless. The wedding planner that you turned us onto was superb to say the least. We anticipated that it would cost considerably more for our wedding in Puerto Vallarta however we wound up paying less than what we would have paid in the States. It’s been six-months since our wedding, and we are still looking at pictures. All the best,”

- Kim,

“What a get-away. In the event that I could have changed anything, the length of the trek would be 1 month rather than 1 week. The team knew everything about the vessel and made productive utilization of our time. They additionally made incredible proposals as to where we ought to go on every stop. I chose to go down the shoreline of Mexico which was great, however in the event that I had time I would incorporate Jamaica and the Cayman's. Nourishment on the yacht was well thought out, and we ate at many great restaurants along the way when we weren’t fishing for our food. If I were to change anything, it would be the amount of time I spent out on the ocean. Thank you!”

- Jim ,

“This was our first time utilizing Puerto Vallarta Yachts, and I didn’t know what to expect. The trip was so awesome and we were having such a great time that I extended it to eight hours. It was like we knew your staff for years. Much thanks”

- Jennifer,

“From what I remember it was a great time. The groom was happy, and so I am happy! Thank you for making sure all of us made it back to our hotels safely.”

- Scott ,

“Since some of our family lives in Puerto Vallarta, it is the best place to get together. My cousin let me know about your company and we were able to select a lovely watercraft for our girls Quinceanera. You helped us with the greater part of the arranging and it turned out very nice. We plan to have another family assembly with you soon.”

- Maria,