Scuba Dive Puerto Vallarta

If you are considering making scuba diving a single dive or the greater part of your excursion while in what was considered to be some of the world’s best diving and snorkeling by Jacques Cousteau himself, at Puerto Vallarta yachts we deliver this great water sport in 5 Diamond style. Your yacht, the bi-lingual valet, culinary specialist, and experienced crew are only a portion of what you can expect when diving with us. From the shuttle service to drop off, while your wellbeing may be our first concern, your delight and pleasure are a nearby second over the span of your time with our team. Despite the fact that 80% of our business originates from return and referral, we never turn away a new and important client. In like manner, on the off chance that you are new to scuba, we welcome you to our PADI Certification Specialist as a prelude to your diving with us.

Scuba Diving Instruction For Children and Adults

Whether it is a scuba tune-up or Scuba Certification you are looking to obtain, we can assist in seeing to all of your requirements are met prior to your outing with us. Our Dive Masters are knowledgeable about kids and additionally grown-ups and will oblige any of your needs. The training you receive prior to your dive can usually be worked into the cost of your charter. Scuba tune-ups are normally finished in one session with both classroom and pool training happening through the course of your day. Touch up trainings are common for Certified divers who have not been in the water for a while.

Extensive Scuba training is available for those wanting to receive Padi certification, and courses can run the duration of a week. If this is your choice, simply notify us prior to your arrival so that we may assist you in setting up your course.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Equipment

All equipment necessary to your dive is provided for at the yacht including, tanks, snorkel, mask, fins and bc. However, if you desire to use your personal equipment, we can accommodate your desire to do so once a visual inspection has been completed.

Contracting A Yacht

At Puerto Vallarta Yachts, we offer charters an extensive variety of sizes and will create a match based on your specific needs. You can reach us any time whether by phone or email. If by some chance we don’t answer when you call, we always follow up within one day and most of the time within the hour of you calling.

Booking your yacht is very easy with us. Once we have worked out the details of your charter and you approve, a paypal or regular invoice is sent to you via email requesting deposit for your special occasion. An email is generated to you once your deposit is received, and your boat time is locked in. In the event of adverse weather during your scheduled charter, the time of your charter will be rescheduled or refunded if your needs cannot be met.

Scuba Diving Destinations in the Puerto Vallarta Area

Puerto Vallarta’s many scuba diving destinations are well equipped with opportunities to see and experience something different on each of your dives. From the caves of El Morro to the dense fish population of Las Marietas, a area highly praised by Jacques Cousteau. Puerto Vallarta’s incredible universe of submerged sea life is a must do for both snorkeling and scuba enthusiast alike. Please click on the scuba destinations link here to read more about Puerto Vallarta’s scuba destinations.