At Puerto Vallarta Yachts we specialize in accommodating each and every event with the appropriate yacht selection which allows for a wide variety of vessels followed by our high level of customer service while fulfilling any additional request of you the client. From family gatherings, romantic outings, weddings, wedding proposals, sunset cruises, birthday bashes, retirements, corporate events and the list goes on, we see a wide variety of events every day. Below are some of the more common occasions and events that we see here at Puerto Vallarta Yachts, but we are in no way limited to just these events as with each person or group comes a different set of needs and desires.

Once aligning your event with one below, take a look at our selection of yachts in the Our Fleet section of the site by clicking the link here. Along with each charter, there is several catering options available ranging from bare charter to on board chef with dine in cuisine. The range of destinations we visit vary with each request, and to see some Destination Locations options select the link provided here. For more information on the list of services we provide, call or Contact us via email at your convenience, and we will respond immediately.

Contact us and book the vessel that accommodates your group’s needs and wants. Our services will surely meet your specific needs and desires to make your vacation one for the books. Give us a call today!