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Scuba Charter in Puerto Vallarta is perhaps one of the most popular charters in Puerto Vallarta. Our Puerto Vallarta scuba charter is most recommended charter throughout the area.


On Mexico's western coast, in the state of Jalisco, sits the charming coastal city of Puerto Vallarta. It's a breathtaking destination to explore a vast coastline bordered by the beautiful Sierra Madre mountain range. At Puerto Vallarta Yachts, we have immense joy in offering the best Puerto Vallarta scuba charter tour to our guests.

We aim at making scuba diving one of the best experiences of your life. Hence, we take you to some of the best locations in the region. When sailing on scuba charter Puerto Vallarta, you get all the spectacular views and an amazing chance to explore underwater life.


Want to book a scuba charter Puerto Vallarta for your tour? Well, you can choose any time of the year you want. Some consider November and May the best time to enjoy scuba diving. It is because the sea is very calm at that time of the year. It is generally warm and sunny during these months.

During February, the water temperature goes down to 72°F (26°C), and the plankton blooms. It does affect visibility, but it is also the time to spot sharks and manta rays underwater.

You must also know that these months are also the peak travel season in this region. Particularly, around Christmas and New Year you’d see a lot of crowds. So, you need to book the tour and accommodation in advance if planning to visit at that time of the year.

Best Dive Sites in Puerto Vallarta

  • Los Arcos
  • Chimo
  • Marietas Islands


Puerto Vallarta is a superb choice when it comes to scuba diving and exploring marine life. Even if we take you to only one scuba diving site - Los Arcos with Los Arcos Yacht Charter or Marietas islands with Marietas Yacht Charter, it will be a worthwhile experience for sure.

Our expert divers make sure that you know all the necessary instructions before diving into the water. So, no need to worry about any injuries or accidents - as we are there to guide you.

Book your scuba charter Puerto Vallarta right now and get ready to collect a bag full of memories.

Several reasons for so much interest consist of; ocean rich sea life including whales, whale sharks, giant rays and hundreds of fish species, untouched coral and reef destinations, caves, underwater cliffs and so much more. Whether you are a novice or an advanced diver, there is something to see and experience for everyone.

Visiting a few of these amazing dive destinations from a chartered luxury Scuba Charters Puerto Vallarta, and Private Yacht Charter Puerto Vallarta opens up the door to many other opportunities as well as diving including well known and not so well known beaches, snorkeling, paddle boarding, waver runners combined with special events such as birthday parties, family gatherings and more.

Enjoy our dine-in cuisine prepared by your very own onboard chef and take in the sites while relaxing and soaking up the sun with Puerto Vallarta Scuba Charters

Since most of our vessels are scuba ready, take a look at the various boats we have for charter and pick which is most suitable for you on Our Fleet page or Contact us directly and we will walk you through the selection process.

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