Corporate Events

Arranging an important gathering doesn't need to be hard when working with an organization that does it consistently. It is as basic as you giving us the key focuses and we assist you in working out the details. Whether it is a corporate occasion or a retirement party, we have considerable experience in group gatherings. Since 2007 Puerto Vallarta Yachts has been a key player in successful colleague gatherings, and we have seen some of our corporate occasion visitor's transform into retiree's before our very eyes. While it may appear as though we are all about yachts, our guests, visitors, friends, and family feel like we are all about personal connections. When discussing your charter with our team, we trust you will see why our visitors feel the way they do.

At Puerto Vallarta Yachts we carry an assortment of yachts in order to best fulfill your desire. Lengths start in the 40 foot range and achieve Mega Yacht status at 120 feet, and can be used for the purpose of scuba diving, sailing, fishing and or almost any occasion. Yachts are stocked with a full team providing food from our culinary specialist and an assortment of beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Special request such as DJ or band are readily available with advance notice. In the event that you have any uncommon solicitation, we value the test of you permitting us to satisfy whatever it might be.