Graduations, Quinceaneras and Sweet Sixteen Events

We are glad to say that we have facilitated numerous graduations, Quinceaneras and Sweet 16 occasions. Contracting a yacht is an extraordinary way to declare this is an amazing day! Whether the measure of your gathering falls into the classification of several or several hundred, we have a wide assortment of yachts to oblige your gathering. When choosing a yacht that fits your group’s preference, there are several factors that are always a priority; matching the size of the yacht with the amount of people, creating an atmosphere of fun and excitement and making sure each detail goes off without a hitch.

the yachts may change with each different event, the one thing that never changes is our crews desire to make your charter a perfect one and ensure that you and your guests are having a wonderful time. Each contracted yacht is accompanied by your own Chef, a bi-lingual host, complimentary meals and beverages, sports gear and a trained team specializing in having fun. After Puerto Vallarta yachts receives your request list, we provide a itinerary that can be changed any time during your excursion with a simple request. If you have any questions, call or email and we will be happy to accommodate you in every way possible.