Explore Puerto Vallarta in style during your next vacation. You can do this easily by choosing a Puerto Vallarta Yacht Charter with us! We suggest this luxurious mode of transportation for every traveler to experience the Puerto Vallarta coast.

If you are not sure yet and looking for a few reasons why your group would love our private yacht tours, here are some of the most popular luxuries:

  1. Puerto Vallarta yacht charter rental offers total relaxation

Whenever you charter one of our vessels, you are free to make your own itinerary. With the skills and knowledge of the crew members, you can plan an amazing day and evening in Puerto Vallarta. You can also consider visiting islands, coves, and landmarks that you want to explore. Or you can simply enjoy your time in the afternoon drifting on the sea while tanning yourself in the sun with your partner. Since the trip is yours, you are free to navigate freely to whatever destination you desire. However, here are a few destinations that you can consider on your private yacht trip:

  • Los Arcos National Park
  • Majahuitas Cove
  • Coastal fishing towns of Southern bay; Colomitos, Quimixto, Las Animas
  • Marietas Island National Park

You can also consider exploring any other destination you like. Utilize our travel agents to plan out an itinerary that best fits your dream adventure.

  1. Ideal for many any occasion or holiday special

Our Puerto Vallarta yacht rental captains love to welcome their guests on their luxury private yachts. Spend any celebration or achievement on our vessels.. A private yacht is also a  great way to set up an ideal tone to zadd luxury to any party or romantic getaway.

  1. Get detailed knowledge about a place from the boat experts who prioritize you

During our private yacht tours, the local captain and crew will accompany you and explain the detailed and rich history and significance of different monuments and landmarks you will come across. With expert guidance, you will gain so much more knowledge about the places you’ll visit. To make the most of your trip, it is best to explore our selection of Puerto Vallarta yacht charters and make your getaway unforgettable. Whether you prefer a catamaran for a larger party of people or a sailing yacht with a small group of your family and friends, the choice is just yours. Either way, take a local guide with you if you want to know more about the places you’ll travel to.

  1. Enjoy Your Own Time

With Puerto Vallarta yacht charter rental, you get the freedom to snorkel around coral reefs or simply take a dip in the sea to cool off or swim with marine life. If you don’t want to dive in, simply enjoy a fun and relaxing time on the many amenities the yacht provides. A private yacht rental is for your entire day; you can do whatever you desire without any unwanted interference from the staff.

  1. Have the best time of your life on a yacht

While professional sailing crew and tour guides are happy to teach you everything about sailing and the experience, they will also allow you the time and space to leisure about the vessel on your own. Make the experience as engaging or as private and intimate as you’d like.

  1. Enjoy sailing along with delicious food and beverages

Depending on how you’re planning your dream vacation, our local guides will help you choose specific menu items reflecting the vibrant cuisine of Puerto Vallarta. They also make sure you get all access to the region’s best liquors and wines. With onboard experienced mixologists and professional chefs, your tour will be a dream getaway for dining as well.

There are so many reasons to consider Puerto Vallarta yacht rental tours for your next vacation. Simply reach out to our experienced team now to discuss your tour options for private, catamaran, or group yacht tours. At Puerto Vallarta Yachts, we’ll offer you an dream itinerary for playtime, a party, or any other occasion you want to make unforgettable.


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