The celebration before one of the biggest days of your life and prior to starting a new phase in your life is the bachelor(ette) party. Make it one to remember by hosting it on board your own private party yacht in Puerto Vallarta. Whether you are planning an intimate evening of dining and cruising or something a little more fun and wild, we are here to help you organize the perfect private yacht bachelor or bachelorette party.

Whether you are planning to be in Vallarta for a weekend getaway with your friends or simply for a day, you must take advantage of the perfect hotspots in Puerto Vallarta. The party yachts are fully designed to entertain you and your guests and make your party a memorable fiesta allowing you to visit the hotspots at the same time.
Your Private Bachelorette Party Yacht – Private yachts are available for half day, full day and multi-day chartering. You’ll have a captain and valet catering to your every whim. All the time, you will be served with freshly created drinks and traditional local cuisines. The professional crew on board will help you create the perfect itinerary based on your needs. Sail on the crystal blue waters of Vallarta with your buddies while enjoying these activities.
Watch the Sunrise and Sunset – If you are an early morning riser, then head to the Malecón to watch the sunrise. If you happen to miss out on the sunrise, no worries, as the evening approaches, reach onto the deck of your charter to take in the panoramic views of the sunset. Enjoy the jaw dropping view as the sun sets in the ocean and the sky changes its colors to orange, blue and pink. Create a heart with your fingers with the sun in the middle and snap a pic.
A Rejuvenating Spa – Regardless of whether or not massage is part of your monthly routine or something you want to gift your friends as a treat, it is indeed an excellent way to help you relax and unwind. Your vacation won’t be complete until you are pampered by a professional massage therapist. Choose not only a massage but also treatments such as facials, sea salt scrubs or clay treatments. The staff have years of experience in making the clients feel relaxed and rejuvenated.
Eat Freshly Caught Oysters – Oysters are a natural aphrodisiac, so if you and your friends love oysters, then take advantage of the freshly caught local oysters. From any of the beachfront vendors and many restaurants in town, you can purchase the oysters in the shell. Then ask the professional chef on board your own private yacht to prepare traditional cuisines for you and your group of friends. Do not forget to add some hot sauce and a bit of lime to treat your taste buds with more scrumptious cuisines.
Treat Yourself To Fine Dining – There is no shortage of restaurants to choose from in Puerto Vallarta. Moreover, Mexican cuisine should not be the second option while enjoying your vacation in Puerto Vallarta. Treat your taste buds to finger-licking, authentic Mexican cuisine—but you may want to mix things up a bit. You’ll find all sorts of fine dining in Puerto Vallarta: Indian, Thai, Sushi, Italian, American classics, Canadian classics, and more!
Take A Cooking Class Tour – Now that you’re about to start the new life why not learn the recipes of some new dishes. If you and your friends love to cook, take an authentic Mexican cooking class. And you can cook the dishes you learn together when you return home! Most classes include visiting the local markets to buy fresh ingredients and then learning to prepare the dishes. For Mexican seafood, with a modern twist, choose the cooking class tour. The professional chefs teach small groups in their personal kitchen.
If outing with your friends is your agenda, then these activities in Puerto Vallarta are the perfect choices. To party hard and celebrate your last few days of bachelor or bachelorette life, book your bachelor(ette) party yacht in Puerto Vallarta and the professional crew will take care of everything.


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