With 9,000 kilometers of coastline, it is no surprise why Mexico is considered as the heaven among fishing enthusiasts. The quaint fishing villages that lace the coast continue to attract hordes of amateurs and experienced fishermen from across the world. Therefore, Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta is no exception.

Puerto Vallarta is every fisherman’s dream as it is located on the shores of Mexico’s largest natural bay. Here you can come across over 500 species of fish to be found in Banderas Bay alone and fishing tours on board a private fishing charter in Puerto Vallarta are available throughout the year.

Sports fishing tours take to the water every single day in Puerto Vallarta, very often bringing back impressive catches. The most sought-after catches in these waters include Red Snapper, Dorado, Roosterfish and Giant Tuna fish – these species can be found all year round. This area is also known for fishing Marlin and Sailfish; in fact, the presence of these fish species has made Puerto Vallarta a renowned fishing destination.

Fishing in Puerto Vallarta

All throughout the year, in the crystal clear waters of the Banderas Bay, you can come across 500 species of fish. The most sought-after species in this bay include Marlin, Dorado, Sailfish, Red Snapper, Roosterfish and Giant Tuna. This is the main reason why the fishing industry has not only grown alongside the tourist hub but has also fueled its economy. In the recent past, the subsistence fishing has given way to sports fishing. Competitions and tournaments are held all throughout the year in Puerto Vallarta.

Types of Fishing in Puerto Vallarta

  • Fly Fishing – This type of fishing is done in shallow clear waters, reaching even one foot deep. Light graphite rods and boats especially modified for shallow waters are used.
  • Spinning or Light Tackle – This type of fishing can be done in the sea, lakes, lagoon and rivers. Lures and baits tend to be bigger and brighter.
  • Bottom Fishing – Bottom fishing is done in deep waters. The angler has to maintain a lot of patience if they need to catch a good size fish.
  • Deep Sea Fishing – In this type of fishing, more equipment is required to exactly locate the location of the schools of fish. The types of deep sea fishing in Puerto Vallarta include two techniques: trolling and bottom fishing. 

Living, Loving and Fishing in Puerto Vallarta

But what is it that makes living, vacationing and fishing in Puerto Vallarta much better than doing so in any other town on the shores of the Banderas Bay? So the things that make Puerto Vallarta stands out as a top fishing destination, besides the great fishing, is everything else you can enjoy that supports your experience: the bars and restaurants you can refuel at after a long day on the water, the activities that keep the kids and your other half happy while you go after that big catch. And, of course, the places where you can enjoy your vacation, like beach clubs and bars.

Fishing Tours in Puerto Vallarta

The travelers and fishing enthusiasts can be part of the fishing tours that are being conducted every day. Book your fishing charter well in advance and under the guidance of professional expert enjoy an angling experience that was hard to be part of!! The fishing tour comes with a fish finder and GPS, live bait, the use of top of the range fishing rods and the company of a bilingual sailor and captain. They are highly skilled in taking you to popular spots of fishing across Puerto Vallarta.

Fishermen know how helpful it is to have a great guide when casting your line in unfamiliar waters. That’s what makes Puerto Vallarta fishing so unique – local people know where to catch each fish. No catch is guaranteed, of course, but the teeming waters off the coast of Puerto Vallarta certainly give you a very good chance!

The above mentioned detailed experience of fishing in Puerto Vallarta is more than enough to convince any angler to plan their next fishing escapade. Book your fishing charter in Puerto Vallarta with us and get ready for an amazing experience.


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