Las Caletas

Cerro Bola, Punta Cerro Bola, Colomitos, Caletillas (little inlet), Majahuita Punta Norte (Majahuita North Point), Majahuita Punta Sur (Majahuita south Point), Caletas (The Coves), and Colimilla are the different sites within the area to be picked from whether it be to scuba or snorkel.

This is were the Sierra Madre mountains sink straight into the Pacific Ocean making little shallow bays, apexes, colossal rocks, buckles and steep inclines. Caletas, Majahuitas and Cerro Bola are situated between Los Arcos and Yelapa 10 nautical miles from Puerto Vallarta. Huge masses of ocean life and biodiversity possess the shallow waters ranging from 10 ft. to 60 ft. In spite of the fact that there are very few coral developments in the region, the measure of ocean life in this environment is amazing, many shy eels live in the sand slant bottoms, the biggest Schools of Yellow Tail fish, billows of Damsels encompassing the colossal rocks, Eagle Rays seeking nourishment off of the sandy bottoms along with the octopus, turtles, and sea horses...

Las Caletas was at one time the private home of film executive John Huston who thought of it as a standout amongst the most delightful spots on the planet. In this isolated paradise on the southern shores of Banderas Bay, lies the most pristine beaches, and so if there is a need to take a break in your diving day, you picked the right place to do it.

Puerto Vallarta Yachts recommends this as a great spot for both beginner and advanced divers along with snorkeling enthusiast as well.