Even though fall is really just beginning, summer is quickly moving closer. Once summer arrives the gateway opens to big names, rock stars, athletes, entertainers, models and the rich and acclaimed are going to race to their opulent super yachts in the most dazzling escape spots accessible to them. From the French Riviera to the unmatched waters of Puerto Vallarta, a healthy amount of top names on the hot list make yachting their decision while making tracks in an opposite direction from their daily hustle. Note this isn't a choice restrictive to uber stars and the ridiculously wealthy since owning a yacht isn't a prerequisite when considering yacht destinations. In any case, when you're incredibly affluent and allowed to hang out on the blue sea waters for a week, what are you going to do? While the normal grind may be on the to do list, I can assure you that it isn’t the top choice for the starts.  Something of that nature may satisfy an agent for the starts, yet in the occasion that you're Bar Refaeli or Gwen Stefani, you'd probably rather bounce on a multi-million-dollar yacht and take in some sun. In the event that for no other explanation, they do it in light of the fact that they can.

Yachts are perfect for the rich and well known in light of the way that they can more adequately avoid the paparazzi – if they have to! An astute escape move for the understood and a conclusive in loosening up! For example, another yacht aficionado to enter the flawless sea waters, singer, musician, and artist Justin Bieber invited performance colleagues Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron to join up on a 85 meter superyacht for some water play time. While film star Orlando Bloom took pleasure in some abundantly required down time on a 52 meter superyacht SEAHORSE, a long way from Bieber, in the association of Erica Packer off the Eastern Spanish coast. The race for the must-have thing this year has unquestionably been won by the Luxury Yacht, with countless superyachts gracing the waters from Ibiza to Puerto Vallarta. We'll give you a chance to choose, prevailing fashion or until the end of time???


Photo here: Ben Affleck had some gentleman time on deck with Bradley Cooper and Kid Rock flaunting a tanned bod while celebrating on the Lido deck. Bar Refaeli takes a walk, and P. Diddy, loosens up in the midst of his escape time. Pictured also, Cindy Crawford boarding her yacht while Paris Hilton makes the most of her time in the sun and Bieber goes shirtless. Leonardo DiCrapio escapes for some down time.


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