Why You Should Not Miss A Day Trip to Las Caletas from Puerto Vallarta?

Las Caletas, also known as Garden of Eden of Mexico, is a wonderland located near Puerto Vallarta (PV), only accessible by sea. Located 45 minutes from PV, Las Caletas is nestled in a secluded jungle-clad natural preserve in the southern shore of the Banderas Bay. This isolated and unspoiled beach has been beautifully preserved by Chacala Indians. The 3/4 mile long coastal beach of Las Caletas has 4 smaller beaches and also includes 1000 hectares of jungle. From pure beach relaxation, snorkeling & kayaking to nature walks, begin your journey from PV on board your own private boat rental for a day trip to one of Mexico’s most spectacular natural havens.

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Las Caletas is so secluded that you can only reach this destination aboard your own private yacht or boat charter. A boat trip from PV to this Mexican beach is not only the safest and easiest way to get there but you'll be entertained to the fullest along the way. Enjoy the most fantastic coastal scenery that Puerto Vallarta has to offer and full entertainment during your hour long sail from PV to Las Caletas.

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  • Scuba Diving: This exclusive tropical beach hideaway boasts underwater coves and natural reef that feature a diverse array of marine life such as turtles, manta rays, and other colorful tropical fish. You will find good drop-offs, nice shallows, and amazing fish varieties – all in one place at Las Caletas.

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  • Swim with Sea Lions: Sea lions are one of the most fascinating creatures of the ocean. Swimming and interacting with them will add another element of excitement to your water sports adventures. You can develop a unique friendship with these lovable characters through gentle petting & interacting, and if you're lucky you may get a big fishy kiss!

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  • Guided Nature Tour: Tour around this destination to discover its prolific flora and wildlife. Walk through the jungle; explore its orchid garden, visit the natural amphitheater, go to the Mayan Pyramid which now serves as a stage for dance performances.

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  • Zip Lining: Enjoy thrilling & exhilarating rides on zip lines through the protected tropical forest of Las Caletas. This adventure packs ultimate fun from start to finish.

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  • Paella Cooking Lesson: Take the famous Paella Cooking Class and learn how to make the famous Spanish dish, traditionally prepared from shrimp, clams, crab, squid, mussels, lobster, and white fish.

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  • Beach Relaxation and Spa: After beach bumming, in the afternoon you can indulge in a therapeutic body/ facial massage next to the beach for a relaxing evening.

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Las Caletas was once the private home of popular film executive John Huston as this secluded beach is the most standout and delightful spots in all of Mexico. Las Caletas is not only Mexico's Garden of Eden but also an enchanting tropical beach haven where you can explore forest, relax on the beach, learn to cook delicious dishes, swim with sea lions and do much during your Puerto Vallarta boat rental day trip to Las Caletas.

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