Why Puerto Vallarta is Great for Hosting The Corporate Retirement Party

Retirement marks the start of a new chapter in someone's life, end of their professional career and start of a more relaxing life. With the big changes in life comes a celebration – A Retirement Party.

Retirement parties are a great way for an organization to show its appreciation to the retiree for the dedication and devotion they put into your company's welfare over the years. No matter what, a retirement party should reflect the retiree's character, interests, and hobbies. So, instead of hosting it in the office premises or in the resort nearby, why not make it special for the whole team by hosting it aboard a private corporate charter in Puerto Vallarta.

Corporate Charters Puerto Vallarta

The area is quite popular with expats from all over the world in various stages of their lives, yet retiree along with other employees or colleagues may enjoy the splendid surroundings of the Bay of Banderas as the destination boasts beautiful beaches, splendid weather, adventurous activities to participate and a number of tourist attractions.

  • STARTING OFF ON THE RIGHT FOOT – Guests should be welcomed by fun decorations and food. The deck of the yacht will be decorated with colorful balloons. Also, make sure to have a small speech ready at the beginning to welcome guests to the retirement party. Retiree’s many accomplishments can be displayed on the screen thus making the retiree feel special and accomplished for their many years of dedicated work.
  • WALK DOWN THE MEMORY LANE – Trace the retiree’s career path from their first teenage job, all the way to the date of retirement. It would be fun to watch from where they begin, where they thought that it’s time to give up, and where they did actually end their career. To add more fun to the celebrations, display a video or photo collage with the retiree’s pictures from birth, up to now. Highlight the years the retiree has worked for the company. You also have the option to display the pictures as table decorations with meaningful quotes and messages.
  • GIFTS – The party is not complete without a cake, but giving a cake as your last present to a coworker, who has put many years into the business, is not a very grand way of bidding adieu. Instead, look for something that may interest the employee, such as a new fishing pole with tackle supplies, maybe a weekend vacation to a local resort, or a year subscription to a book club.

Retirement parties are meant to be fun and memorable, especially for the retiree. So, the emotional side of the event should be kept to the minimum, because you don’t want to make the retiree sad or feel resentment for making the big decision to leave his/her career. So, here are few activities the retiree and other employees can participate in while aboard the private corporate charters in Puerto Vallarta:

GOLF IN THE AMAZING WEATHER – Puerto Vallarta claims to be a truly world-class golf destination. If the retiree is a golf enthusiast and plays regularly then no other place could be as best for your swing as Puerto Vallarta. The area features several amazing golf courses where you can enjoy a little friendly competition with your dearest colleagues in breathtaking surroundings all around the Bay of Banderas.

FISHING IN THE CRYSTAL CLEAR WATERS – Have you always dreamed of catching “the big fish”? The nearby Pacific waters and the Banderas Bay are home to an amazing variety of fish. While fishing, one can catch hold of Blue, Black and Striped Marlin along with various other types of marine species.

SCUBA DIVE in one of the most highly rated scuba destinations in the world. Several reasons for so much interest consist of; ocean rich sea life including whales, whale sharks, giant rays and hundreds of fish species, untouched coral and reef destinations, caves, underwater cliffs and so much more. Whether you are a novice or an advanced diver, there is something to see and experience for everyone.

Like any party, a successful retirement party is the result of careful planning and attention to detail, but well worth the effort. The overall goal of the party is to make it a fun event for the guests and retiree. No matter what kind of celebration you choose to throw, big or small, the private corporate charter in Puerto Vallarta will make the party a memorable one for the retiree.

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