While Vacationing in Vallarta, Don’t Miss Pass On Las Marietas

If you are on the lookout for an exclusive and secluded hideaway to escape to for a day trip when on a vacation trip, then hop on a private scuba charter in Puerto Vallarta and sail on the crystal blue waters to make your way to Las Marietas. Located off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Las Marietas are the two islands which are truly stunning in and of their self. You are sure to fall in love with both the natural beauty and biodiversity of this secluded area.

Scuba Charters Puerto Vallarta

While scuba diving in Las Marietas, there are multiple underwater tunnels and caves to be explored. On your diving excursion on board a private scuba charters in Puerto Vallarta, blue-footed Boobies can be seen along the surface of the water and on the islands.


Thousands and thousands of years ago, this uninhabited island was created as the result of volcanic activity, and presently, it is an abode to the exotic range of flora, fauna and marine life. The vacationers spend a generous portion of their day looking for the blue footed boobies. This is because this famous bird calls the Marieta islands their home. The rare birds can be spotted building their nest, eating and playing on the volcanic rock. These birds can only be found in a few places across the world, so birdies should definitely dedicate a day tour to the Marietas Islands. The lush greenery on the islands is absolutely elegant in its own self and offers a stunning backdrop for you to take a variety of photos.


The Best Scuba Diving in The Bay – Never miss out on the best scuba diving adventures!! The waters surrounding the Marieta Islands are so clear that the incredible marine life can be seen while standing on the deck of your yacht. Under the guidance of a professional crew on board, the private scuba charters in Puerto Vallarta will take you on a diving escapade and introduce you to all the creatures that call Marietas their home. Kayak,

Snorkel and Explore – Once out at the islands, under the guidance of an expert, get ready and try your hand at kayaking or snorkeling for an amazing experience during your vacation trip to Puerto Vallarta. Your guide will create a fun, safe environment so that you can completely focus on having fun.

The Humpback Whale – Whether you swim, dive, kayak and or try a host of other water sports in the warm clear waters of the Marietas Islands, one activity that shouldn’t be overlookd is humpback whale watching. This adventure is really all about witnessing humpback whales and wild dolphins in their natural habitat. The jaw-dropping sight of these magnificent giants soaring into the air just feet away is awe inspiring.

Entertainment On Board – Getting there and back is half the fun when experiencing a private luxury yacht charter with Puerto Vallarta Yachts. On board our modern scuba charters in Puerto Vallarta, you will enjoy luxurious bedrooms, an open bar, full buffet lunch, friendly crew and professional captain. Our staff makes sure you always have a fresh cold beverage in hand, and put on a spirited and entertaining performance on the way back to Vallarta. They ensure that our on board services put a smile on your face.


On the Marietas Islands, there is an amazing hidden beach known as Playa del Amor, where the waters are sparkling turquoise blue and the sandy beach dazzles like a gem. The beach is located between two islands and is just a quick swim through the rocky tunnel. The hidden beach is basically a natural sanctuary for birds and is completely surrounded by solid rocks. This is a perfect place for a day tour, romantic escapade or a scuba diving adventure with close friends and family.

Most of the savvy travelers spend their day swimming or snorkeling in the crystal clear waters, watching the birds and or exploring the hidden beach from every nook and corner.

Make a trip to the Marietas Islands part of your scuba charter itinerary for your next vacation in Puerto Vallarta. Both the Marietas Islands and the hidden beach will leave you in awe!