Puerto Vallarta Yacht Charters is sometimes referred to by our crew members as a portable 5-Diamond Hotel experience, except you and your companions are the main attraction. Fresh food prepared on board by your own personal chef and an open bar set the pace for an amazing one of a kind day every day when you charter with us.  Your Captain will charter a course that is made up of various high points that you select whether it be to confined shorelines and awesome snorkeling or to well known territories rich in vitality and fervor. Our experienced team knows the spots, and they aim to please.

All yachts come equipped with mask and fins and most of our fleet is stocked with fishing gear and water sporting equipment depending on the yacht that you choose for your outing. Jet Skis and scuba gear are available upon request as are most special request.

Items to consider when selecting a yacht include:  1.) How many people will be attending your outing as most yachts will only allow for a certain number of guests depending on its size and capacity. 2.)  Is it a special occasion?  This will help to determine how long the charter will last.  3.)  Do you have a wish list as to what it is you would like to do while on your charter?  This will also determine the time you will be out on the water and which yacht is appropriate for you based on the capabilities of the yacht.

If you would like to read more on scuba and some of our great destinations click on the scuba or destinations/scuba.

If you would like to read more about fishing and which fish are most popular while you are in Puerto Vallarta then click on the fishing link here.

If sailing or luxury yachting is your interest for a day or for a month, Puerto Vallarta Yacht Rental service is the great starting point with huge destinations peppering the surrounding area.   The duration is always determined by your interest.  To learn more about luxury yachting and sailing destinations in the Puerto Vallarta area, please click on the Destinations/Locations.


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