Top 5 Beaches to Visit on Your Puerto Vallarta Yacht Charter Vacation

Puerto Vallarta lies at the inner recess of the Bay of Banderas, which is the largest natural bay on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Three main attractions that make Puerto Vallarta a truly magical place for yachting vacation include the Sierra Madre mountain range, the long rivers flowing down from the mountains and the warm blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. This majestic destination boasts miles of pristine beaches. From secluded beaches to exotic hot spots, it has a myriad of impressive locations, each with their own style and charm. Whether you're looking for a recreational water sports activity or just want to relax, you can find a beach in Puerto Vallarta (PV) suited to your interests and preferences. Here is a guide to some of the best beaches that this bay has to offer.

Luxury Yacht Charters Puerto Vallarta

1. Playa Los Muerto (Beach of the Dead): It is the most popular and the most visited beach in the bay. It is famous among visitors who enjoy the local culture. The beach has lively atmosphere, full of traditions and a great place to take photographs!

2. Playa de Oro (Gold Beach): It's located North of downtown PV. Surrounded by an arc of resorts, it has a sandy shoreline and small rocky areas. You can enjoy a variety of water sports such as parasailing, water skiing and swimming in Playa de Oro.

3. Playa Mismaloya – It is located a few miles south of Puerto Vallarta at the mouth of the Mismaloya River. From a small picturesque fisherman town to a world renowned tourist destination – the beach became famous after it was featured in the movie “Night of the Iguana.”

4. Playa Camarones (Shrimp Beach): This is the northernmost public beach in PV. It is has been named after a shrimp fisherman who once landed here to unload his catch of shrimp. It is a white sandy stretch of beach with some rocky parts. It's also one of the cleanest beaches in the bay and you can enjoy fishing here.

5. Conchas Chinas (Romantic Beach): The pristine waters, golden sand, and brilliantly displayed rock formations make Playa Conchas Chinas an ideal site for a romantic beach day. Explore the rock grottoes, hidden coves and the many facets of the beach on foot and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

The gentle waves of the blue waters, the stunning natural environment, an array of waterfront entertainment, and the outright beauty of these wonderful beaches of Puerto Vallarta are sure to wow even the most seasoned of travelers. Pick one or all for your next luxury yacht chartered vacation.

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