The Historical Towns to Explore on Your Yacht Trip to Puerto Vallarta

It is said that the best way to experience the essence of a tourist destination is to explore its historical places and the richness of its culture. The historical sites and beautiful towns of Puerto Vallarta have stories hidden away in every corner. Offering a mix of traditional and modern attraction to see and enjoy, the famous yacht charter destination of Vallarta has history-filled places with unique anecdotes, amazing mountain views, colonial structures, cobblestone streets, relaxing vibe and vibrant frescoes. Once you are free from enjoying the pristine beaches of Puerto Vallarta, check out these historical places during your boat rental trip.

## San Sebastián del Oeste – Mexico's Last Remaining Colonial Towns

Located in the heart of Sierra Madre Mountains, San Sebastián del Oeste is a secluded 17th century mining town with impressive mountain scenery. This historical town has kept its true colonial heritage preserved and is now well known for its coffee and agave vegetation.

Mexico's Last Remaining Colonial Towns - Puerto Vallarta Yachts

  • Seeing its cobblestone plaza, white adobe houses, 18th century church & Haciendas, and Porfirian bandstand, you will feel that the town is still untouched by time.
  • Get to the Cerro de la Bufa (La Bufa Hill) for an unbelievable view, check out the vibrant frescoes of Iglesia de San Sebastián and take a mountain drive in the lush ranges.

## El Tuito Village – Rich History of Spanish Influence

A quaint 16th century mining village with rich vegetation that includes oak and pine trees, El Tuito is an off-the-beaten path location for visitors who love natural beauty and a bit of history too. This sleepy village offers plenty of historic charm and a lot of activities to enjoy.

Rich History of Spanish Influence - Puerto Vallarta Yachts

  • Stroll around the village, take picture-perfect photos of beautiful colored houses, and admire its pre-Hispanic sights.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking mural paintings of Mexico's past, present & future, Aztecan treasures and historical things kept at Cultural Center of El Tuito.
  • Relish the laid-back pleasures of Mexican life while exploring the corners of this alluring town with plenty of historic charm.

## Vallarta Botanical Gardens – One of the Top 10 Gardens in South America

Puerto Vallarta's southern region is soaked in rich history and greenery. Visit the wonderland of Vallarta Botanical Gardens to discover Mexico's rich flora that includes cacti, orchids, figs, oaks, and bromeliads.

Vallarta Botanical Gardens - Puerto Vallarta Yachts

  • This 30-acre botanical garden, located 1300 feet above sea level, features nearly three thousand varieties of plants.
  • This famous garden is not only famous among bird watchers but also among tourists who would love to know the history of Mexican native plants.
  • Vallarta Botanical Gardens is also the entry point of El Tuito village.

## Yelapa – Mexico's Most Alluring Undiscovered Beach Town

Located 20 miles south of Puerto Vallarta, Yelapa is a small fishing village with history that dates back to the early 1500s. This peaceful beach town is a great place to enjoy swimming, parasailing and snorkeling. Nestled in a natural cove, Yelapa is not only surrounded by beautiful surroundings but you can also enjoy a number of activities:

Mexico's Most Alluring Undiscovered Beach Town - Puerto Vallarta Yachts

  • Hike through the town to Cola de Caballo waterfall for a refreshing swim.
  • Enjoy a relaxing beach day at Yelapa's expansive sandy beach.
  • Spend the afternoon snorkeling in search of moray eels and other tropical marine species.
  • Explore the history-filled cobblestone streets of Yelapa village.

From architectural details, adobe houses with red tile roofs, charming old streets to old churches, the original character of Puerto Vallarta is still intact. Tourists will be impressed by the simple elegance of the Mexican colonial style found in Puerto Vallarta. If you are into adventure, you must explore these historical sites during your Puerto Vallarta boat rental trip as it is guaranteed to open your eyes to a whole new tropical paradise and its unique culture. Travel back in time to the pre-Hispanic era by visiting these lovely towns and the enthralling Puerto Vallarta destination!

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