Enjoy the Perfect Corporate Retreat in Puerto Vallarta

One of the promising ways to get company members motivated is a Company Retreat. It’s also a golden chance for employees to learn more about each other while enjoying some quality time together. Many companies choose lovely Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for a corporate-retreat destination, and there’s an abundance of excellent reasons why you should make plans to select your corporate charters in Puerto Vallarta for your next corporate retreat.

corporate charters Puerto Vallarta

Nothing is more memorable and impressive than an event held on a private corporate yacht, complete with attentive crew, 5 star catering and on yacht event facilities. Aboard corporate charters in Puerto Vallarta, meetings are more productive and creative, clients feel valued, and staff feels truly rewarded! If you have an upcoming corporate event, trade show or awards trip, Puerto Vallarta is the place to be and below are enlisted reasons.

  1. Excellent Accommodations – Accommodations on board corporate charters in Puerto Vallarta is absolutely second to none. Finished in stunning interior décor, guests will have no difficulty when it comes to winding down in the ultimate privacy and unparalleled style. King and Queen sized beds are typically the norm in addition to beautifully refined wooden wardrobes often with flat screen televisions and a well-equipped conference room. In true luxury and style, guests will be swept off their feet on board a stunning home on the gorgeous Vallarta waters.
  2. Destinations To Be Explored – Puerto Vallarta is located on the Pacific Ocean side of Mexico and is considered as one of the most amazing tourist destinations with a wide range of activities to see and do. There is no other better way to see Puerto Vallarta, then by hopping on a charter as it is surrounded by beautiful pristine waters from all sides. The must visit tourist destinations outside of Puerto Vallarta include: Playa Las Animas, Mazatlan, Manzanillo, Cabo San Lucas, and Acapulco.
  3. Scuba Diving On Your Corporate Retreat – Puerto Vallarta is perhaps one of the most highly rated scuba destinations in the world. Several reasons for so much interest consist of; ocean rich sea life including whales, whale sharks, giant rays and hundreds of fish species, untouched coral and reef destinations, caves, underwater cliffs and so much more. Whether you are a novice or an advanced diver, there is something to see and experience for everyone. The famous dive destination of Puerto Vallarta includes Los Arcos, Los Anegados, Las Marietas, Las Caletas, and El Morro. Other well known water sports activities your group can be part of are: snorkeling, paddle boarding, and waver runners.
  4. Not so Normal Activities to Participate In - The key doesn't lie in the things or the tourist destinations mentioned hither and tither, but rather in the off-beat activities you do on board the corporate charters Puerto Vallarta that will help you experience the cultures as well as the destination at its best. Las Caletas Beach Hideaway Escapade, Sports Fishing Tour in Banderas Bay, Tour to Explore Vallarta City, Sayulita & Punta Mita Tour, and Swimming with the Sea Lions are some of the activities that you & your team should not miss. Your journey will wrap up with some exciting pictures of the architectural wonders, souvenirs, and a splash in the crystal clear waters with sea lions.

When you plan your next corporate retreat for the employees on a corporate yacht charter in Puerto Vallarta, you can be assured that you will return home with happy employees who feel valued all the more. You’re sure to see an excellent improvement in attitude, work-flow and teamwork. Book your corporate charter today, and get started on making your company more successful than ever before!

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