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Why Puerto Vallarta is one of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World

🔊 CLICK FOR AUDIO Turquoise blue waters, vine hung foothills, and an idyllic old town have made Puerto Vallarta the most traveled destination in Mexico. Puerto Vallarta lies at the inner recess of the Bay of Banderas, the largest natural bay in Mexico. Located between the states of Nayarit and Jalisco, Puerto Vallarta bay is…
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Winter is Here! Whale Season is About To Kick Start in Puerto Vallarta

🔊 CLICK FOR AUDIO The winter season in Puerto Vallarta is a magnificent time of year to plan your vacation. The stunning beaches, sunny weather, and warm temperatures tempt travelers worldwide to spot the largest majestic fish in the world on board their own luxurious and private yacht charters in Puerto Vallarta. The whale is…
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Puerto Vallarta’s South Shore Beaches to Visit by Boat

🔊 CLICK FOR AUDIO When you live in paradise, every day you are presented with more and new golden opportunities for you to enjoy your surroundings; even more so when you hop on private luxurious yacht charters in Puerto Vallarta. You can be sure that your free time will be spent creating unforgettable memories in…
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