Adventures Sure To Make Your Bachelorette Party A Memorable One

There is no better place to say your goodbyes to the single life and celebrate that all important “girl power” than in the beautiful destination of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Private bachelorette party yachts in Puerto Vallarta are the perfect venue to invite your friends and family to join in an amazing time celebrating your upcoming wedding celebrations. There are so many wonderful reasons to choose this destination for a bachelorette getaway.

Bachelorette Party Yachts Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is situated on the shores of Banderas Bay in between the palm peppered Sierra Madre Mountains and the stunning golden sand beaches. The sun-drenched destination offers countless opportunities for sunbathing, sipping margaritas and having a fantastic time. With over 300 days of pure sunshine, planning your bachelorette party in Puerto Vallarta is easier than ever.

ADVENTURES FOR THE ADVENTURERS – The coastal town of Puerto Vallarta has many exciting and adventurous activities to do. Brides and their guests can go on a canopy tour, swing through the lush jungle, discover the Marietas Islands and their hidden beach, or simply sail on a luxurious private yacht. When you go on the Marietas Islands adventure, you and your guests can swim through a small cavern to discover the hidden beach. This is always an exciting adventure to make bachelorette getaways in Puerto Vallarta extra special. The bridal party may also choose to jump out of an airplane under the guidance of the professional team of skydivers.

DISCOVER PLAYA DE ORO – Playa de Oro (Spanish for Golden Beach) is a stretch of beach located in the North Hotel Zone of Puerto Vallarta, which is accessible by your own private bachelorette party yacht. At the end of the pedestrian access, there is a quaint little arts and crafts market, where you can find souvenirs to take back home as well as beachwear. The sand strip offers plenty of space to sunbathe or enjoy beach sports, such as beach volleyball or beach soccer. If you choose to spend a day at the beach at Playa de Oro, ask all your friends to carry a good sun block lotion, water or soda to stay hydrated, and a beach towel and umbrella for greater comfort. Not only does the beach offer mesmerizing views of nature, but also you can hop on your private yacht and ride along the coast. Don't miss the parachute rides while you are here.

EXPLORE THE LAS GEMELAS BEACH – Puerto Vallarta is a destination that holds many secrets worth discovering. Las Gemelas Beach is one of those well-kept secrets. The beach distinguishes itself for its very fine golden sand and amazingly transparent water. At Las Gemelas, you can enjoy the sun and work on a fabulous tan. You can also play on the sand, maybe some beach soccer and volleyball or throw a Frisbee. In the nearby rocky outcrops, you can enjoy snorkeling. At times, boats come near the shore and offer banana boat or parachute rides. If you plan to visit Las Gemelas, it is recommendable to get there early to secure a spot near the trees and benefit from a cool shade and sun as desired. This is the perfect spot for time with those your closest to.

SWIM WITH SEA TURTLES – Make your party a memorable fiesta for your friends and for yourself by grabbing the opportunity to swim with sea turtles? The shallow blue-green water here is home to Green, Hawksbill and Loggerhead sea turtles that you can swim with. In the calm waters of Akumal Bay, you can also spot stingrays, angelfish, blue tangs, barracuda, jacks, etc. Access is easy for everyone. After your underwater adventure, you can relax on the beach and let the sun’s rays massage your skin!

THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT – The party scene in Puerto Vallarta often gets overlooked because it isn’t what the city is most well known for. However, you can always get a variety of freshly brewed wines on board your bachelorette party yacht in Puerto Vallarta. As the Mexican music plays in the background, treat your taste buds with fresh and high-quality, distinctive and delectable Mexican cuisines. Each region in Mexico has its own distinct flavors and techniques that make its cuisine one of the most varied in the world. In fact, it’s so impressive that it is the first cuisine to receive 'World Heritage' status from UNESCO.

Hosting your party on board a private and luxurious bachelorette party yacht in Puerto Vallarta is a great way to mark the end of an era and celebrate the next adventure in your life.