The yacht for our wedding was enormous. I honestly thought that it wasn’t going to be big enough for the family and friends but your staff managed to pull it off. The band was great. The decorations were flawless. The wedding planner that you turned us onto was superb to say the least. We anticipated that it would cost considerably more for our wedding in Puerto Vallarta however we wound up paying less than what we would have paid in the States. It’s been six-months since our wedding, and we are still looking at pictures.

All the best,


What a get-away. In the event that I could have changed anything, the length of the trek would be 1 month rather than 1 week. The team knew everything about the vessel and made productive utilization of our time. They additionally made incredible proposals as to where we ought to go on every stop. I chose to go down the shoreline of Mexico which was great, however in the event that I had time I would incorporate Jamaica and the Cayman's. Nourishment on the yacht was well thought out, and we ate at many great restaurants along the way when we weren’t fishing for our food. If I were to change anything, it would be the amount of time I spent out on the ocean.

Thank you!

Jim ,

This was our first time utilizing Puerto Vallarta Yachts, and I didn’t know what to expect. The trip was so awesome and we were having such a great time that I extended it to eight hours. It was like we knew your staff for years.

Much thanks


From what I remember it was a great time. The groom was happy, and so I am happy! Thank you for making sure all of us made it back to our hotels safely.

Scott ,