5 Tips For Planning A Perfect Puerto Vallarta Destination Wedding

From the picturesque mountaintops to pristine white-sand beaches, start your blissful married life together in the romantic tropical setting of the most beautiful beach city of Mexico – Puerto Vallarta. Boasting serene beaches, intimate coves, colorful painted sky and shimmering turquoise waters, Vallarta is the perfect location for your destination wedding. Having your wedding ceremony in Puerto Vallarta (PV) allows you to exchange vows and enjoy your honeymoon in perhaps the most romantic and stunning paradise – where love is in the air! If a beach wedding in the exotic location of Puerto Vallarta is in your plans, consider these tips for planning your wedding charter in Mexico's enticing resort town.

Wedding Charters Puerto Vallarta

Tip #1: Time It Right
Vallarta enjoys a tropical climate. The weather in Vallarta is astonishingly beautiful, boasting 322 days of sunshine each year. It experiences warm and sunny days & cool and comfortable nights. When it comes to tropical wedding attire, the environment lends to an array of possibilities, but be sure to take into account the time of the year and expected weather and temperature patterns.

  • For those who seek lower temperatures, the best time to visit this Mexican town is from November-May when the weather is pleasant and temperatures range from 75-85 degrees, but keep in mind that if you are close to the beach cool breezes reduce the temperatures along the coast throughout the year.
  • Months starting from May through October are considered the warmer months with typical days ranging from the high 87-90 degrees Fahrenheit, but if close to the beach you can expect 5-10 degrees cooler.

Tip #2: Pick the perfect romantic beach
Say “I Do” in the enchanting destinations of PV where the sounds of the Pacific Ocean create a symphony of romance and the beautiful landscape form the perfect backdrop for your wedding reception. Some of the most romantic beaches in PV that provide spectacular backdrop of mountains, magical colors of the sunset and vistas of vibrantly blue waters include Majahuitas, Colomitos, Los
Muertos, Marieta Islands, Los Arcos and Yelapa. Consider these wonderfully scenic destinations for your romantic wedding in PV.

Tip #3: Understand low and high tourist season
Situated along the stunning Pacific Ocean, Puerto Vallarta's low season runs from July through October, when the temperature is in the low 90s and humidity is higher due to the raining season. The high season runs from November to March that features mild temperatures and high hotel & restaurant rates. You must plan your wedding reception around the time of the year when you can enjoy best of everything that Puerto Vallarta has to offer while saving money for your honeymoon getaway in PV.

Tip #4: Take advantage of PV events and festivals
Planning a wedding ceremony in Puerto Vallarta during any special event or festival is a great idea to really soak in some of the local culture as well as keep yourself & your guests entertained throughout the trip. From live music performance by Mariachi Bands, the International Gourmet Festival that is held in November to the International Film Festival, there's always something fun to do in PV that you can include in your wedding plans to make it even more festive, interesting and memorable.

Tip #5: Plan your wedding and honeymoon trip at the same time
Your honeymoon trip is an important time to celebrate your love and new life together. Plan your dream wedding and intimate honeymoon at the same time that best complement your style and budget. From making travel arrangements for your guests so that they can return comfortably to planning romantic activities that you & your partner want to enjoy during your honeymoon in PV, you should plan everything in advance in order to avoid unnecessary hassles at the last moment.

Nestled between the lush vegetation of the Sierra Madre Mountains and the alluring stretches of the Pacific coast, the most popular Mexican wedding charters destination - Puerto Vallarta - is the ideal place to tie the knot and enjoy your honeymoon afterwards. Let the perfect blend of traditional Mexican charm, seaside atmosphere and natural beauty of Vallarta transform your destination wedding into magical celebration!

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